Sex Positions for Pregnancy

There are many sex positions for pregnancy that you can try with your partner. Ideally, a sex position is good for a pregnant woman and her baby as long as it feels comfortable. But, as the baby grows, some sex positions become hard to practice. Having sex can become even more difficult if there are complications. This can make the partner of a pregnant wife to book las vegas call girls more often. Nevertheless, there are sex positions that you can practice to make sex safe and more enjoyable during pregnancy. These include the following.

Side-Lying Positions

When pregnant, having sex lying on the side is comfortable for the woman. You can lie on your side facing front-to-back or front-to-front. However, both positions keep weight away from the back and you don’t have to hold up belly weight. You can tuck a pillow between the knees with your partner lying behind if the low back feels pressured.

Woman on Top

Many women love this sex position because it allows them to control the depth and angle of penetration. However, this sex position is also ideal for pregnant women because it allows them to control clitoral stimulation. Nevertheless, the woman on top sex position may not be possible after the belly has grown bigger and become heavier.

Rear Entry

This position entails having the man enter the woman from behind. That means he bypasses the belly altogether. You can practice this sex position while standing with hands against a wall. You can also sit on the lap of your partner as you face away from him or stand with hands against a wall. Alternatively, rest the head and arms on a bed to avoid holding up belly weight while practicing this sex position.

Man on Top

This is also called the missionary style. Many people prefer this sex position for a quickie with their partners. However, when having sex in this position during pregnancy, make sure that the weight of your partner is of your belly. Ideally, the man should use his arms for support. You can also move to the bed’s edge so that your man can have free hands.

Lie on the bed facing upwards and then scooch down to have your bottom at the edge of your bed. Your legs should dangle downwards to the floor. Your partner can stand or kneel in front and you can tuck pillows beneath your back to relieve pressure.

Generally, not all sex positions that you practice with your partner or las vegas call girls are safe during pregnancy. Try these sex positions for pregnancy to ensure safety of your pregnant partner and the baby.

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